4 Tips For The Better Indoor Grilling

If you’re dying to grill, but can’t due to bad weather or simply lack the space for a huge outdoor range, then indoor grilling is your best bet. You can still get that “outdoor grilled taste” when grilling indoors among many other benefits. So what are some of the best indoor grilling tips, benefits, and tricks? Follow some of these tips or checkout https://dadgumbarbecue.com/masterbuilt-electric-smoker-recipes/

1) Indoor is safer. Use an indoor electric grill to drop the use of burning coals as well the resulting smoke, meaning you can breathe easier without worrying about affecting your health. The dripping fat from the grill is another potential danger that can result in flare-ups, something an indoor grill removes from the proverbial grilling equation. Some food blogs will frown on this, but its true.

2) Season the meat to get that smoky, outdoor flavor. Since you aren’t using charcoal but undoubtedly want that smoky, outdoor goodness, be sure to season the meat. Sprinkle the meat with salt and pepper before cooking, or make a “spice rub” with smoky-tasting ingredients, such as smoked paprika or dried chipotle. Apply the rub evenly over the meat and let it set for a few moments before putting the meat on the heat. There are plenty of food blogs out there with great rub recipes.

3) Choose from open versus contact grills. Open, generally feature a lid for containing steam, while contact grills are ideal for cooking fish, hamburgers, steaks, pork chops, and vegetables. Contact grills can also be used to make panini sandwiches, and cook the meat in about half the time it takes for an open grill to work.

4) Heat the grill thoroughly before dealing with the meat. Ensure the grill is properly heated, usually to between 375F to 400F, and remember to brush the grill with cooking or vegetable oil before placing the meat on the grill. If using a contact grill, close the grill as gently as possible to avoid squeezing all those yummy juices out.

That’s all there is to it! There is no need to not enjoy those fresh grilled flavors any time of the year! As you can see, with some seasoning, the right grilling surface and a quality piece of meat or veggie to grill, you can have that fresh out-door taste almost any time of the year. You will also fill your kitchen with great smells that will likely draw everyone in the house to you begging to ask “what are you grilling” and “is it almost done”. If you experience this, know that you are doing it right!